The Past Simple Tense. Упражнения. Контрольная по past simple

Проверочная работа по английскому языку на тему Степени сравнения прилагательных и Present Perfect vs Past Simple

Variant 1

I. Раскройте скобки, поставив предложенное прилагательное/наречие в нужной степени.

1. Jill is a (intelligent) person than my brother.

2. Greg felt (bad) yesterday than the day before.

3. This cake is the (good) I've ever tasted.

4. Mary is a (good) student than Lucy.

5. Jack is the (clever) of the three brothers.

6. If you need any (far) information, please contact our head office.

7. The sinking of the Titanic is one of (famous) shipwreck stories of all time.

  1. This man is (tall) than that one.

  2. Today the streets aren't as (clean) as they used to be.

  3. Spanish is (easy) than German.

  4. The Thames is (short) than the Volga.

  5. The Alps are (high) than the Urals.

13. I like this song (well) than the previous one.

14. Which of these two performances did you enjoy (much)?

15. The fire was put out (quickly) than we expected.

II. Поставьте глаголы в Past Simple или Present Perfect

1. We _________________ (go) to the theatre last week.

2. Yesterday I _________________ (have) dinner with a friend.

3. I _________________ (never / taste) Сhinese food.

4. When I _________________ (be) a child, I __________(love) ice-skating.

5. I _________________ (not/ have) any coffee today - I feel very sleepy!

6. I _________________ (not / drink) any coffee yesterday.

7. I _________________ (read) all his books - I think he's a wonderful writer.

8. What _________________ (do) at the weekend?

9. Are you going to finish your work before you go to bed? - I (finish) ______ it (already). I (finish) ______ my work two hours ago.

10. What subject _________________ (she / study) at university?

11. I ________ (never/ be) to the USA. I ______ (want) to go there last summer but I couldn't.

12. How long _________________ (you / know) Susie for?

13. He _________________ (be) married for ten years (but he got divorced (развёлся)).

14. _________________ (you / ever / go) to Central Park in New York?

15. Ann is looking for her key. She can't find it. She (lose) ______ her key.

16. Don't throw the paper away because I (not to read) ______ it yet.

17. She _________________ (never / see) snow before.

18. He _________________ (be) married for thirty-five years (and he's still

married now).

Variant 2

I. Раскройте скобки, поставив предложенное прилагательное/наречие в нужной степени.

  1. Kate was the (practical) of the family.

  2. It's the (bad) mistake he has ever made.

  3. This good-looking girl is the (good) student in our group.

  4. She speaks Italian (good) than French.

  5. I think Jack is (clever) than his brother.

  6. Please, send the books back without (far) delay.

  7. Which is the (beautiful) place in this part of the country?

  8. The Volga is (short) than the Mississippi.

  9. It is as (cold) today as it was yesterday.

  10. Which building is the (high) in Moscow?

  11. Asia is (large) than Australia.

  12. This is the (easy) task we've done.

  13. My sister speaks English (well) than I do.

14. Which of these two performances did you enjoy (much)?

15. The fire was put out (quickly) than we expected.

II. Поставьте глаголы в Past Simple или Present Perfect

1. I ___________________ (never / go) to Vienna.

2. Is Jim going to eat lunch with us today? - No. He (eat) ______ (already).He (eat) ______ lunch an hour ago.

3. I (work) ______ at my uncle's shop when I was younger.

4. Oh no! I ___________________ (lose) my wallet!

5. ___________________ (you / see) Julie today?

6. At the weekend, they ___________________ (play) football, then they

___________________ (go) to a restaurant.

7. I ___________________ (read) six books this week.

8. Amy ___________________ (live) in Portugal when she was young.

9. She ___________________ (visit) her grandmother last month.

10. We first (meet) ______ in 2001. So we (know) _______ each other for 15 years.

11. She ___________________ (live) in seven different countries, so she knows a

lot about different cultures.

12. I ___________________ (go) to the cinema last night.

13. Oh! I ___________________ (cut) my finger!

14. The weather (be) hot and dry for many weeks. But two days ago it (rain) ______.

15. John ___________________ (never / understand) the Present Perfect.

16. She ___________________ (break) her leg the day before her exam.

17. ______________ (you/see) Oliver yesterday?

18. They ___________________ (live) here for many years (and they still do).

Past Simple Tense: упражнения с ответами

past simple

Exercise 1. Добавьте окончание -ed к глаголом и распределите их по колонкам.

to listen, to permit, to stay, to hate, to fry, to travel, to walk, to live, to rob, to carry, to save, to clean, to hurry, to slip, to answer, to bake, to empty, to prefer, to play, to like, to regret, to talk, to reply, to plan, to wait, to close, to tidy.


 -d  -ied

 Double consonant

+ -ed

(двойной согласный+ -ed)


Answers: -ed: listened, stayed, walked, cleaned, answered, played, talked, waited; -d:hated, lived, saved, baked, liked, closed; -ied: fried, carried, hurried, emptied, replied, tidied; double consonant+-ed: permitted, travelled, robbed, slipped, preferred, regretted, planned.

Exercise 2. Заполните таблицу пропущенными формами неправильных глаголов.


(настоящее простое время)


(прошедшее простое время)







   bought  build










 paid  run


 speak  take


 told  think






Answers: bigin — began, break — broke, buy — bought, build — built, catch — caught, come — came, do — did, drink — drank, eat — ate, find — found, get — got, have — had, know — knew, make — made, pay — paid, run — ran, see — saw, swim — swam, speak, spoke, take — took, tell — told, think — thought, understand — understood, wake — woke, wear — wore, write — wrote.

Exercise 3. Из предложенного списка выберите неправильные глаголы и запишитt их форму прошлого времени.

To ask, to bring, to collect, to bathe, to sleep, to keep, to read, to complete, to reply, to grow, to show, to say, to fly, to put, to relax, to cook, to shake, to leave, to act, to give, to protect, to cost, to blow, to move, to meet, to order, to lose, to forget, to play, to feel.

Answers: to bring — brought, to sleep — slept, to keep — kept,  to read — read, to grow — grew, to show — showed, to say — said, to fly — flew, to put — put, to shake — shook, to leave — left, to give — gave, to cost — cost, to blow — blew, to meet — met, to lose — lost,  to forget — forgot, to feel — felt.

Exercise 4. Раскройте скобки, употребляя глаголы в Past Simple.


  1. What your neighbours (to do) yesterday?
  2. Mr. Smith (to fix) his car yesterday morning.
  3. His wife (to water) plants in the garden.
  4. Their children (to clean) the yard and then they (to play) basketball.
  5. In the evening their boys (to listen) to loud music and (to watch) TV.
  6. Their little girl (to cry) a little and then (to smile).
  7. Her brothers (to shout) at her.
  8. Mrs. Smith (to work) in the kitch­en.
  9. She (to bake) a delicious apple pie.
  10. She (to cook) a good dinner.
  11. She (to wash) the dishes and (to look) very tired.
  12. The children (to brush) their teeth, (to yawn) a little and (to go) to bed.
  13. Their mother (to change) her clothes and (to brush) her hair. Then she (to talk) on the phone.
  14. Her husband (to smoke) a cigarette and (to talk) to his wife.
  15. They (to wait) for the bus. The bus (to arrive) at 9 o’clock.
  16. They (to visit) their friends.
  17. They (to dance) a lot there.
  18. Mr. and Mrs. Smith (to rest) very well last night. They real­ly (to have) a wonderful time at their friends.

Answers: 1. What did your neighbours do. 2. Mr Smith fixed. 3. His wife watered. 4. Their children cleaned, they played. 5. Their boys listened, watched. 6. Their little girl cried, smiled. 7. Her brothers shouted. 8. Mrs Smith worked. 9. She baked. 10. She cooked. 11. She washed, looked. 12. The children brushed, yawned, went. 13. Their mother changed, brushed, talked. 14. Her husband smoked, talked. 15. They waited, the bus arrived. 16. They visited. 17. They danced. 18. Mr and Mrs Smith rested, they really had.

Exercise 5. Перепишите следующий текст в прошедшем вре­мени.


On Monday we have five lessons. The first lesson is Russian. At this lesson we write a dictation and do some exercises. Nick goes to the blackboard. He answers well and gets a «five». Pete does not get a «five» because he does not know his lesson. After the second lesson I go to the canteen. I eat a sand­wich and drink a cup of tea. I do not drink milk. After school I do not go home at once. I go to the library and change the book. Then I go home.

Answers: On Monday we had five lessons. The first lesson was Russian. At this lesson we wrote a dictation and did some exercises. Nick went to the blackboard. He an­swered well and got a «five». Pete did not get a «five» because he did not know his lesson. After the second lesson I went to the canteen. I ate a sandwich and drank a cup of tea. I did not drink milk. After school I did not go home at once. I went to the library and changed my books. Then I went home.

Exercise 5. Заполните пропуски в предложениях, используя was, were, wasn’t, weren’t.


  1. There ____ a lot of people in the fast food restaurant last night. It was very busy!
  2. «____ Katie at school last week? » «No, she ____ . She was sick.»
  3. «These flowers are beautiful.  ____ they expensive?» » No, they ____ «
  4. ____ James and Sharlotte in the florist’s? Yes, they ____ .
  5. That’s a pretty dress.  ____ it in the sale? Yes, it ____ .
  6.   ____ there a toy shop in that shopping centre? No, there ____ .
  7. Where ____ you yesterday, Sam? I  ____ at the zoo with my mum.
  8. We  ____ at home last night. We  ____ at the cinema with friends.

Answers: 1. was. 2. was, wasn’t. 3. were, weren’t. 4. were, were. 5. was, was. 6. was, wasn’t. 7. were, was. 8. weren’t, were.

Exercise 6. Поставьте глаголы в скобках в Past Simple.

  1. — ____ (you/play) basketball yesterday afternoon?

— No, I ____. I ____ (surf) the Net.

2.  — ____ (your cousin/visit) Germany last month?

— No, he  ____ . He  ____ (visit) Prague.

3.  — How old was Mozart when he  ____ (die)?

— 35 years old.

4. — When  ____ (you/finish) work yesterday?

— At 5:00. Then I ____ (walk) home with Jane.

5. — When ____ (your parents/call) you?

— They ____ (call) an hour ago.

Answers: 1. Did you play, I didn’t, surfed. 2. Did your cousin visit, he didn’t, visited. 3. died. 4. did you finish, walked. 5. did your parents call, called.




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Упражнения на отработку времени Past Simple. 12 exercises.

Тема Past Simple требует тщательной отработки, поэтому я предлагаю вам большую коллекцию разноплановых упражнений. Ознакомиться с теоретическим материалом и узнать все тонкости использования данного времени вы можете в исчерпывающей статье про Past Simple.

Вводные упражнения по теме Past Simple.

Exercise 1. Дополните недостающую информацию.































 Exercise 2. Подчеркните глаголы в Past Simple.

In the summer I visited my grandparents. We went to the forest, swam in the river, went fishing, read books, went to the cinema, watched TV all the time. I visited my friends, played football, listened to music, worked in the fields, went boating, had a good time. I picked berries and mushrooms. I lay on the sand.

Утвердительные предложения в Past Simple. Упражнения.

Exercise 1. Вставьте подходящий глагол в форме Past Simple. 

be (2), feed, take, start, visit, listen

The children went to London. The Tour ________at Hyde Park in the morning. The children_______the ducks and squirrels there. Then they ________photos of Trafalgar Square. The next stop __________the British Museum. They also ___________ the Tower of London. The children _______to the famous bell Big Ben. In the evening they ________ very tired.

see, find, help, be, put, catch, be

One day the children were on the ship. The sea was quiet. Suddenly they _________the pirates' ship. The pirates_________ the children and _______them in a dark room, but Kevin ________ Steve and Maggie. In the room the children ________ the eighth magic pearl. Kevin put the eight pearls together and saved the Shell Kingdom. Kevin's parents _______very happy.


Exercise 2. Малышка Анна – несносный ребенок. Вчерашний день не стал исключением. Напишите, что она делала вчера.

Little Ann Is Terrible! She runs about her room. She jumps on the table. She opens the cupboards. She throws Tom’s toys. She washes her dolls with water. She cries all the time.

Yesterday Ann was terrible. She ________


Exercise 3. Представьте, что ваш дядя работает в зоопарке. Напишите, что он делал вчера. Используйте следующие идеи:

to come up to all the cages, to open them, to talk to the animals, to wash some of the animals, to give them food, to clean the cages, to bring water for the animals, to close the cages

Отрицательные предложения в Past Simple. Упражнения.

Exercise 1. Переведите отрицательные предложения в Past Simple на русский язык

  1. I didn’t ride a bicycle.
  2. I didn’t pick mushrooms.
  3. I didn’t open a book.
  4. I didn’t play any game.
  5. I didn’t sit by the river.
  6. I didn’t write letters.
  7. I didn’t meet my friends.
  8.  I didn’t visit my relatives.
  9. I didn’t sleep long.
  10. I didn’t walk in the forest.
  11. I didn’t listen to the birds.
  12. I didn’t sunbathe.

Вопросительные предложения в Past Simple. Упражнения.

Exercise 1. Вставьте was, were, did.

1. When________ Mother's Day last year?

— It _______ in April.

2. What ____ you do?

— We made a cake and cards for Mum.

3. ________ Mum happy?

— Yes, she _________.

4. Who _______ you invite?

— Our grandparents.

 5. What _______ you give to your granny?

 - Flowers.

6. ________ you tired?

— No, we weren't.


Exercise 2.  Дополните диалоги, сформировав вопросы в Past Simple.

Kim:  What __________ (you do) last night, Lisa?

Lisa: I went to the cinema.

Kim: What film _____________ (you see) ?

Lisa: Shrek.

Kim: Who _____________ ( you go) with?

Lisa: Pete and Zoe.

Kim: _________ (you enjoy) it?

Lisa: Well, the special effects were brilliant, but the story wasn't very good.

Kim: What time ____________ (it finish)?

Lisa: At ten o'clock.

Kim:  What______ (you do) after the film?

Lisa: We went for a pizza.


Exercise 3. Нейл спрашивает Карен о ее выходных. Допишите вопросы.

Neil : Did you stay at home last weekend?

Karen: No, I didn't. I went to Brighton with my family

Neil: ____________to Brighton on the train?

Karen:  No, we went by coach.

Neil: ___________ swimming?

Karen: Yes, we did. The water was very cold!

Neil: ______________Brighton Pavilion?

Karen: Yes, we did. It was fantastic!

Neil: _______________souvenirs?

Karen: Oh, yes!

Краткие ответы в Past Simple.

Exercise 1. Представьте себе, что в воскресенье вы ходили в гости к другу. Что вы там делали? Дайте краткие ответы.

  1. Did you knock at his door?
  2. Did you stay in the house?
  3. Did you talk about your holiday?
  4. Did he tell you any jokes?
  5. Did you have dinner with him?
  6. Did you watch TV?
  7. Did he show you his things?
  8. Did you play any games?
  9. Did you go to the yard?
  10. Did you walk in the streets?

Проверочные упражнения по теме Past Simple.

Exercise 1. Дополните предложения, используя глаголы в скобках в форме Past Simple.

  1. Last night I _________ (listen to) some CDs.
  2. The car__________ (stop) opposite the house.
  3. I ____________ (not watch). TV last night.
  4. James ___________ (not study) Greek before his exam.
  5. Peter and Ann__________ (travel). to Turkey last summer

Exercise 2. Прочитайте легенду озера Нарочь. Вставьте глаголы в Past Simple.

The legend of Lake Naroch

Many years ago there __________ (live) a girl called Nara. She _____ (can) sing            very well and play the psaltery .She _____ (love)  a young man and ________ (want) to marry him. One day she was sitting near a large beautiful lake when a rich man ________ (see) her. He _______ (like) Nara so much that he_________ (want) to marry her. As Nara________ (have) a fiancé (жених) she________ (not want) _______  to marry the rich man. But the rich man_______ (be) very stubborn (упрямый), and his servants ___________ (kill) Nara’s fiancé and __________ (take) Nara to the rich man’s palace. The girl ______ (be) so unhappy that when everybody was sleeping, she ________ (set) fire to the palace , and _______ (run) away. When the rich man________ (learn) about    it, he _____ (send) his servants (слуги) after Nara. As she ___________ ( can not)  run away from them, Nara ___________ (dive) into the lake and____________ (die). From that time the lake was named Lake Naroch.

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