Контрольная работа к учебнику Spotlight 11 Module 2. Spotlight 11 контрольная работа

Контрольная работа к учебнику Spotlight 11 Module 2

SPOTLIGHT 11. TEST 2.Listen to a radio interview with some teens talking about ways they helped friends in trouble. Match the speakers with the statements A - G below. There is one extra statement. 1. Speaker I 2. Speaker II 3. Speaker III 4. Speaker IV 5. Speaker V 6. Speaker VI A. I encourage my friend to be honest. B. My friends always come to me for help. C. I like to share my friends' interests. D. I'm willing to make sacrifices for my friends. E. I'm always ready to protect my friend. F. A little help is often all that is needed. G. I want to help my friend with her family problems. Read the text and mark the sentences T(true), F(false) or DS(doesn’t say) Bullies At some point in our lives many of us will have to deal with a bully. Yet bullies are not all the same. To be able to handle such a threat, it is important to know what kind of person you are dealing with. The most dangerous and common bully is the aggressive one. Aggressive bullies use the fear of violence to control others. Unfortunately, it doesn't stop there. They are known to quickly lose their temper and harm their victims without ever feeling sorry for them. When faced with such a person, immediately tell a parent or teacher. Furthermore, stay in public places and among others for safety. Some people even learn self-defence to protect themselves against this kind of bully. However, violence is not the answer, as it leads to even more violence. Next, are the verbal bullies. They attack with words and are only happy when others feel hurt. So when an unkind joke is made, show as little reaction as possible and just walk away. Remember, you cannot talk sense to an unreasonable person. And, above all, never make jokes about yourself to prove that nothing can hurt you. This will only encourage them. Last, is the computer bully. The best way to deal with this menace is by deleting their messages. Do not read anything they write and never send a reply. When faced with such a person, it is wise to seriously consider a change of email address. Keep in mind that bullies are simply people who envy the talents of their victims. The only way they can feel powerful is by putting others down. Therefore, never listen to anything they have to say! When dealing with aggressive bully, seek the help on an adult….. Humour will keep verbal bully away…. One way to deal with computer bully is to call police.…. You must tell bully that he is not right…. Never chatting with computer bully…. Fill in the gaps with the correct preposition.  Matilda, the new movie, didn’t make much of an impression ... me.  Jack is always insisting ... his ideas the best ones?  Internet can have a bad influence ... children. You should pay attention ... the doctors prescriptions.  Helen keeps boasting ... her such a good position.  Complete the phrasal verbs with the correct particle.  They put us ....... in a terrible hotel for the conference.  Don’t you dare put me ....... like that again!  Due to bad weather they put ....... the camping for a week. l'm afraid you will just have to put ....... with the pain for a day or two.  Put ... your jacket, it’s cold in school. Fill in the gaps with the correct relative pronoun.  This is the school ... I used to study.  Can anybody tell me ... that iphone belongs to?  Moscow ... is the capital of Russia is great. I'm not sure ... of these laptops to buy, can you help me? Peter’s the person you ... should ask. Mag is our teacher ... husband has died recently.Complete the sentences using the words in bold. Use two to five words.  The roof of the school had to be changed because it was badly damaged in the storm. fact The roof of the school had to be changed ... it was badly damaged in the storm.  My best friend married an Italian and moved to Rome. who My sister ... moved to Rome. We have to take a bus because it's too far from his home to walk. such It’s ... to walk that we’ve to take a bus. There was such a lot of traffic that he was late. because He ... much traffic. Because there was ice on the runway, the plane’s departure was delayed. due The plane’s departure was delayed ... on the runway. Fill in: offend, symptom, dramatic, attitude, tricky, disgusting, persuade, tempted, pressure, trust. (Some words are extra) I didn’t mean to ... you. I was trying to be nice!  His entrance was so ... that everybody just stared at him.  A sore throat is a ... of a cold or flu.  The cakes looked so delicious that l was ... to eat them all! Ii don’t care what you say, nothing will ... me to eat anything like that again. Peter’s ... towards his teachers often got him in trouble. There were some very ... questions in the maths test, but I think I got them right.


Контрольная работа Spotlight 11. Module 8.

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Test 11-8

1.Fill in: invaders, feat, preserved, unique, properties, consult, offerings, remote, worshipped, invisible.

  1. Ancient civilizations are known to have __________ gods in sacred shrines.

  2. Planes are needed to transport supplies to ______________ area in the far north.

  3. Many Hindu temples were destroyed by Islamic _______________ in the 8th century BC.

  4. _______________ were made to the gods to honor them and ask for their blessing.

  5. The temple of Rameses II in Egypt is quite a magnificent _____________ of craftsmanship.

  6. The managers of the business firm frequently __________their lawyers for legal advice.

  7. Artists visit Greenland for the island’s _______________atmosphere and magnificent surroundings.

  8. It is a beautiful town with a picturesque harbor and well-__________ building.

  9. The peaks of the mountains were ______________ from down belong because of the fog.

  10. We value herbs for their taste, but they also have healing ______________.

2. Choose the correct word.

  1. Chinese is / are dificult to learn.

  2. 100 dollars was / were too much for the jacket.

  3. Some children has / have very bad manners.

  4. Many people like / likes to drink coffee in the morning.

  5. The United States is / are a big country.

  6. That bunch of grapes look / looks delicious.

  7. Those trouses really suit / suits you.

  8. My advice is / are to take the job.

  9. There was / were water everywhere.

  10. My family is / are large.

3. Choose the correct item.

  1. I want to hear whole / all truth.

  2. No one / Anyone cared that it was raining.

  3. Is / Are there any money left.

  4. You can do it some / any way you like.

  5. A few / A little of us suffer from travel sickness.

  6. Some children like broccoli, although many / a lot of do not.

  7. I’ve been working hard each / all day and now I’m tired.

  8. James didn’t know the answer neither / either.

  9. Some / Any people prefer to work in the evening.

  10. I can’t find no one / anyone to help me with this.

4. Give English equivalents for:

1.живописная бухта, 2. высокая дамба, 3. опасный ледник, 4. долина горячих источников, 5. Горный хребет, разделяющий две страны, 6.болото, заросшее растениями, 7. остатки забытых цивилизаций, 8. предсказывать будущее, 9. находиться в зале ожидания, 10. пройти на посадку к пятому выходу.

11. Я уже упаковал чемоданы и спускаюсь вниз, чтобы выписаться из отеля.

12. Проверь по списку имена всех, кто присутствует.

13.Вы не можете подняться на борт самолета без посадочного талона.

14. Мы с трудом нашли свой багаж на ленточной платформе.

15. К сожалению, из-за погоды наш рейс отменили.

Keys 11-8

1. Fill in:

  1. worshipped

  2. remote

  3. invaders

  4. offerings

  5. feat.

  6. consult,.

  7. unique.

  8. preserved.

  9. invisible

  10. properties

2. Choose the correct word.

  1. is

  2. were

  3. have

  4. like

  5. is

  6. looks

  7. suit

  8. is

  9. was

  10. is

3. Choose the correct item.

  1. whole

  2. no one

  3. is

  4. any

  5. a few

  6. many

  7. all

  8. either

  9. some

  10. anyone

4. Give English equivalents for:

1.a picturesque bay/harbor,

2. A high dam,

3. A dangerous glacier,

4. A valley of Hot Springs,

5. Mountain range separating two countries,

6. Swamp grown with plants,

7. The remains of lost civilization,

8. To predict the future,

9. To stay in the airport lounge,

10. To go to departure gate number 5.

11. I’ve packed my suitcases and I’m going downstairs to check out.

12. Check off the names of all those presents.

13. You can’t board the plane without a boarding pass.

14. We could hardly find our baggage on the conveyor belt.

15. Unfortunately our flight was cancelled because of the bad weather conditions.


Контрольная работа по английскому языку 11 класс spotlight модуль 1-2

I think its ear _______. Have you ever heard of Antananarivo, the __________ city of Madagascar? All the streets were _______and _______ during the carnival. 6. The teacher said, “I’ll begin the lesson as soon as Jack …. If I visit London, I …(see) the Tower of London. My brother had always… to do a postgraduate degree, but had never found the time. If you cheat … an exam, you will drop out . (stop) raining.  3. She had to … many obstacles before she was able to open up her own business.  Air traffic ____ is the room in the airport where air traffic controllers control flights. Westminster Abbey is an ________ feat, so the royal wedding was marvelous there. honour 4. If Felix (to be) ___________ here I would have seen him. Translate them. dam 7. 2. 3. water 2. duty-free 8. 11. 9. praise 2. mountain 4. cliff 8. Would they come if we (to invite) __________them?If they hadn’t walked 40 km, they …(not / be) exhausted now. Put the necessary word. 6. 1. If you’re having problems at university, you should talk to your professors; … is not the answer. 5. a person who is skilled in a particular type of therapy f. 1. 4. 3. I have a runny nose and a _____ temperature. 1.  Ancient Greeks worshipped different _______. Have you had a ________ before? – Actually, no… Is that what I’ve got now? I feel awful, as my nose is running and my head is aching. 4. — How do you know her? — She works at our _______. At this time of the day all public transport is _________, and traffic jams are usual. 1. Some of our advise will help you to take 7) ____ easy. Fill in: longed, applying for, graduating, dropping out, overcome. The actress does not dance professionally, but she carried it … well in the movie. 2. conserve 5. (stop) talking. 6. Poor                reclaim        control                flight                 aisle                duty-free                known                symbols        crew                mystic                architectural         1. There are a lot of _________old people, whose families don’t care about them. Put the verbs in brackets into correct tense. Match the word and its definition. an unpleasant feeling on your skin that makes you want to scratch Модуль 5 overcrowded           fully-furnished           posh              residential          abandoned           lonely        cosmopolitan             industrial           proud 1. baggage 7. grassland 3. 4.   A: Are you going to Joanne's party on Saturday?  B: No. You can find you bag in the baggage _____ area. 5. conveyer a) belt b) nature c) ancient sites d) gods e) re-claim f) control g) civilization h) victory III. I long … become a dentist. 5.    B: Sorry. Anna’s thinking of travelling around the world after  … from university. He caught a terrible _____ and he’s under weather now. 10. So am I. Mary ____ her finger heavily while she was cooking, so she had to call the emergency. My doctor prescribed me a ______ to ease my cough. 2. at the edge of the sea d) a cascade of water falling from a height e) a person who seeks believes in the spiritual apprehension of truths that are beyond the intellect f) the stage of human social development g) a dry, barren area of land, esp. 5. 4. Her advice carried me … a very difficult period in my life. 3. river a) an area of land, smaller than a forest, that is covered with growing trees b) a small body of still water formed naturally c) a large area of flat land with few trees d) something that is difficult or impossible to understand or explain e) a large open area of country covered with grass f) a large natural stream of water flowing to the sea, a lake g) a large underground chamber, typically of natural origin, in a hillside or cliff h) an area of low-lying, uncultivated ground where water collects II. 1. But things are not so bad. TITANIC crashed into the __________ at the beginning of the last century. I find it very difficult. This new town is ________ with its developing tourist industry. 4. Without a _______ life would be very dull, I think. Complete the phrasal verbs with the correct particle. 2. I wish I ……………………….  B: We could go this year if you like. one covered with sand h) the remains of a building, typically an old one II. 11. She finally succeeded …making her dreams come true. New York is a highly ________ and _________ city. preserve 3.     A:  I wish I ………………………… ( can afford) some new CDs   B: Would you like to borrow some of mine?  A:  If only it ………………………………. I feel rather tired after the flight and cannot recover from _____ lag. Have you got any pieces of _____ luggage? . civilisation a) a small, narrow river b) a barrier, typically of concrete, constructed to hold back water and raise its level c) a steep rock face, esp. III. I. I don’t think it’s a good idea to see Tod. 7. 5. The children were __________ at the birthday party. Combine the words into phrases. mystic 5. 1. – What’s bothering you? – My ear aches. Why don’t you try…a scholarship? With your high grades, I’m sure they’ll give it to you. check-in 7. The newly married couple  moved to a __________ house. Then we could go for a walk. pond 2. Fill in the gaps with the correct preposition or particle “to”1. Fill in the blanks infection         chickenpox         syrup                 feet         vomit            cold          sore              slight I’ve got a terrible head ache. 6. He …. Thea are doing research … biology. forecast 6. a disease which gives you a high temperature and red itchy spots d. stream 4. Unfortunately, our ____ has been cancelled. I don’t know any _____ places except for Bermuda Triangle. 2. ancient 3. feeling that you are losing your balance and are about to fall g. The ______ of the soldier who fought in World War I were reburied and the monument was set. 7. I was ______ to know of his latest decision. 3. 10. A lot of people in our office are off with the flu.  2. 3. 8. Familiar        gods          hand        mystery        carved                cities               remains        invaders          cut              glacier                window 1. He was standing in a quiet _______ region with no trees and grass, the houses were run-down. with         up         sick        down                control                under                it Stress is dangerous when you can’t cope 1)________ it. I don’t think that this author is ______ in our country. Translate the word. departure a) range b) weather c) shop d) future e) desk f) board g) canal h) sites III. Match the words heart pain ointment for blocked full write tooth stomach feel off rash nose recovery bug rash in chest ache a prescription colour dizzy II. My parents were _________ of me, when they learned that I had entered the university. A:  If only we ………………………… (go) to France last summer. Pam got the loan from the bank and was able to carry … his plan to open up a restaurant. (try) harder with your Maths homework. Translate them. tap fold clench shake blush tremble stample peer head with fear pressure foot fingers arms in embarrassment fists Match the words and their definition whisper stress adrenaline depression self-esteem to speak in a soft hushed tone, without vibration of the vocal cords; the state of being depressed; respect for or a favourable opinion of oneself; mental, emotional, or physical tension; a hormone produced to stress and increases heart rate, pulse rate, and blood pressure Fill in the blanks. It feels like I am going to _________  because of it.  The ________occupied  the city and the battle was scary. Модуль 4. cave 4. The temple was all covered with strange______. Match the word and its definition chickenpox tickling dizzy back rash itchy therapist a. Variant II I. The president is _________ not to have another crisis. The fog is too heave and visibility is ______. Anxious               delighted                 abandoned                pedestrianised           well-lit                capital            confused                    boom             office On the left you can see an asylum, the house for _________ children. ”The old gentleman doesn’t go out in winter. plain 8. . Of course, built up stress is difficult to stop. When you are in JFK airport you can buy souvenirs in a _______ shop. Variant I I. Контрольная работа к учебнику Spotlight 11, модуль 71. If you carry … driving so fast, you’ll have an accident. 3. 7. The city is interesting with its _________ buildings and modern  _________ houses combined together 5. 2.  B: Yes. desert 2. (go), because I'm sure it will be fun. the posterior part of the human body b. He graduated … university last year. 8. waterfall 3. My son would better have a ______ seat when I prefer the aisle one. swamp 7. At the beginning of KING KONG the director is looking for a ship and a ______ that could come with him to the mystical island. woods 6. Translate the word. This name is not ______ for me. 9. ruins 6. Although she felt really nervous, she carried the speech …very well. Match the word and its definition. As for me, documentaries about ancient _____ are most interesting on the National Geographics. a feeling of light itching c. lost 6. Being 3)____ stress  you can loose 4)_________, you feel 5)________ and tired of life, everything gets you 6)_________. 4. As soon as I am back on my _____ again, I join you with your project. Модуль 8. Match two parts of phrases. (go) out if the weather gets warmer. Put the necessary word. Ancient symbols are ______ on the walls of the castle. I would like to have an _____ seat as I’m afraid of heights. predict 5. A:  I wish you ………………………. passport 8. I’ve also got a terrible ____ throat. Breaks 2)________, exams, problems at work, peer pressure can lead to stress. mystery 5. 4. I’ve never heard about this person. Match two parts of phrases. red spots on the skin e


Контрольная работа Spotlight 11. Module 3.

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Test 11-3 (I)

1. Match the word with the definition.

1. mug

a) capture someone by force in order to get money in return


b)make money by tricking people


c)stealing things from people’s money


d) attack and rob them in a public place


e)illegal entry of a building to steal things

2. Fill in: identify, grabbed, witness, contacted, a scam1. The boy_______ the old lady’s bag and ran off.2. Fraudsters use _______ to trick people and take their money.3. The kidnappers ________ contacted the family with their demands.4. I was a ________to a car accident. 5. The man was attacked from behind so he was unable to________who did it.

3. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form

  1. My brother decided _________ (buy) a new car.

  2. The idea of __________ (spend) our holidays in the country belongs to my brother.

  3. I like ________ (read) detective stories.

  4. After _________ (have) been discussed by the whole population the low was adopted.

  5. My brother made me ______________ (apologize) for taking his football without asking.

  6. He’s old enough ___________ (drive) a car.

  7. I don’t like ___________ (shout) at you but sometimes you make me so angry!

  8. You should ___________ (be) very careful when you walk in dark streets at night.

  9. I like to have a glass of milk before ___________ (go) to bed.

  10. We want ____________ (thank) you for your help.

4. Complete the phrasal verbs with the correct particle:.

1. It’s hard for elderly people to keep _____.the changes in computer technology.

2. He approached me and growled:” Keep ______ from my daughter!”

3.Though Robin was constantly chased by the sheriff, he kept ______ helping the poor.

4. I had a feeling she was keeping something important ________ .

5. It’s too late! Keep the radio ___

5. Fill in the gaps with the correct preposition

1. The requirements ______ the contest were extremely strict.

2. The teenagers were charged _______ vandalism.

3.Who was responsible _______ the organizing the party? It was a real failure!

4.Smoking in public places is ______ the rule.

5.Clients were tricked ______ believing their money had been invested.

Test 11-3 (II)

1. Use the words or phrases to complete sentences. You don’t need three of them.

went to court / make off / evidence / fraudsters / defend / offence / culprit / sentenced / suspect / violate / witness / confessed / found guilty / reject

1. Elderly people often become a victim of ________ .

2. The police did their best to protect him as he was the only ________ of the crime.

3. There was enough _________ to convict him of robbery.

4. She was ________ of murder and _________ to imprisonment.

5. After several hours of questioning she _________ to stealing the ring.

6. Despite the fact that the alarm went off, he managed to _________ with the painting.

7. The ________ denied taking part in the robbery.

8. As it was his first _________ , he was just fined.

9. Eventually the police arrested the _________ .

10. You shouldn’t let anybody _________. your rights.

  1. Choose the correct word.

  1. It is important that students do not_______the school rules.

  1. violate B. reject C. abolish

  1. As Cindy was walking through the park, a stranger______her handbag and ran away.

  1. mugged B. grabbed C. burgled

  1. Weren’t there any________who can tell us how the accident happened?

  1. witnesses B. suspects C. culprits

  1. Morris found it difficult to_________with the fact that the police had arrested his son for shoplifting. A. face B. realize C. deal

3. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form:1. My brother decided _________ (buy) a new car.2. We enjoy _____________ (read) these magazines.

3. I refuse __________ (speak) to him any more.4. How about _________ (have) ice-cream in the park?

5. Mary would _________ (enjoy) this film.

6. He left without _______ (say) goodbuy.

7. He was accused of_________ ( commit) a crime.

8. He’s old enough ___________ (drive) a car.

9. I don’t like ___________ (shout) at you but sometimes you make me so angry!

10. My brother made me ______________ (apologize) for taking his football without asking.

4. Complete the phrasal verbs with the correct particle:1. Keep …… from walking late at night.2. Tell her everything, don’t keep anything………….3. If you keep …….eating so much chocolate, you’ll have problems with teeth.4. My mother couldn’t keep ………the workload, so she asked me to help.5. If you don’t keep the noise ……., the children won’t be able to sleep.

5. Fill in the gaps with the correct preposition:1. Sam is responsible ……..this work.2. Speeding is ……..the law and if caught you’ll get a fine.3. He tricked his little sister …… giving her a toy.4. The man was charged …….shoplifting.5. The main requirements ……..the job are honesty and punctuality.


Контрольная работа по английскому языку 11 класс Spotlight модуль 6

Контрольная работа №3 по теме «Косвенная речь»

1 вариант

1. Read the text below. Choose from (1-7) the one which best fits each space (A-F). There is one choice you do not need to use.

1. Coca-Cola was later sold in bottles2. intended to replace the original Coca-Cola3. where the first television ad was created4. the commercial success of the drink5. whose company remains the producer of Coke today6. where the drink was first invented7. some drinks marketed by the company


Coca-Cola (often abbreviated to "Coke") is a cola drink and is the world's most popular carbonated soft drink. The Coca-Cola Company's headquarters are located in Atlanta, Georgia, (A) ….. around 1884. Coke's inventor, John Pemberton, was not a quickwitted marketer of his drink, and the ownership of Coke eventually passed to Asa Candler,(B) …….. Candler's successful marketing, continued by his successors such as Robert Woodruff, established Coke as a major soft drink first in the United States and later around the world.

Originally designed to be sold at soda fountains, (C) …. , whose distinctive shape has become a part of the drink's branding. Major advertising campaigns have established Coca-Cola slogans such as "The pause that refreshes" as part of popular culture. Nevertheless, Coca-Cola has been criticised for its possible negative health effects, with many urban myths surrounding it. In addition, (D) …… has been periodically challenged, in particular by its main rival Pepsi-Cola. This tension reached its peak during the 1980s, at the height of the Cola Wars, which eventually resulted in the heavily-publicised introduction of "New Coke", (E) …….. . The widely unpopular decision was eventually voided in the face of public opposition.

Since then, the Coca-Cola Company has on occasion introduced soft drinks under the Coca-Cola brand name. The most famous of these is Diet Coke, which has become a major diet cola, but others exist, such as Cherry Coke. There are also (F) …. but which remain unaffiliated with Coca-Cola the drink, such as Sprite.

2. Read the text below. Change the word given in capitals in such a way that it fits the text best.

The Opening Night

The Phantom of the Opera, Cats, Mama Mia… They are all stage musicals. The opening night of a new musical is always a (7) ….. MARVEL event.

After years of (8) ….. PREPARE and weeks of rehearsals the production has to be ready for the public and the critics.

First nights usually start earlier than the regular (9) …… PERFORM so that the critics can write their reviews in time to include them in the next morning’s newspapers.

The critics are the most (10) …… FRIGHT people on the first night because their opinions will either help make the show a hit or force it to close.

The rest of the audience on the first night is usually made up of friends of the cast and famous celebrities. The celebrities attract newspaper (11) …… PHOTOGRAPH and help give the musical maximum publicity.

There will also be some angels there who will (12) ……. PROBABLE be more nervous than the performers. And then after the curtain has come down and the show is over, there’s the opening night party.

3. Choose the right variant.

1. The sun is at the center of our race / solar system.

2. Somebody stole the antenna / radio waves from my car.

3. We can try sending out a SOS signal / broadcast with this torch.

4. Sometimes you make me feel like I’m talking / speaking to a wall.

5. I raised / shrug my shoulders when I don’t know the answer to a question.

4. Report these sentences.

1. “Don’t swim in the lake”, he said.

2. “Have you ever been to Chia”, he asked me.

3. “Let’s go to the cinema”, he said.

4. “I won’t do it!” he said.

5. “How long is the journey going to take?” we asked.

2 вариант

1. Read the text below. Choose from (1-7) the one which best fits each space (A-F). There is one choice you do not need to use.

1. who decide to study past cultures2. which is long before Columbus arrived in the New World3. who is an expert on the writing systems of ancient cultures 4. which will basically make ancient people speak to us directly5. that they could read and write 6. who are no longer living 7. which include everything from clothing to jewelry and tools

Discovered: Oldest Writing in the New World

Anthropologists study people (A)…… . Items those men, women, and children left behind when they died — (B) ……. — tell anthropologists a lot. And sometimes even their words survive. Experts believe that a discovery in Mexico, near the capital city of ancient people called the Olmec, is the oldest example of writing that has ever been found in the Americas. The people who created it probably lived 3,000 years ago, (C) ….. . Stephen Houston, (D)……, says the discovery is extremely exciting. “It makes clear that the Olmec were literate, (E) …… . It’s like hearing voices from the past," he says. But experts don’t know exactly what the writing says. If you have ever tried to figure out a message written in code, you have a pretty good idea of the hard work ahead. Finding other examples of Olmec writing could help crack the code. “We could have whole sets of ancient writing (F)……. ,” says Houston. “There are many puzzles to be solved, and this is just one of them.“

2. Read the text below. Change the word given in capitals in such a way that it fits the text best.

Emergency Services

The main emergency telephone number in Britain is 999. The number 999 was chosen because, on the old dial phones, it was considered to be the easiest to dial in (7) ….. DARK or smoke.

The number 999 calls the fire brigade, the police, the ambulance service, a coastguard rescue service or a mountain rescue party. The first three services are the most (8) ….. COMMON used.

The procedure is to dial the emergency number (the call is free), to tell the (9) …… OPERATE which service is needed and to give the address or location where help is needed.

Where a specialized service is required, the call for help is often made to a branch of a voluntary (10) ….. ORGANIZE or charity.

Their numbers are listed separately in the local telephone directory and include such bodies as Alcoholics Anonymous, the Society for the prevention of (11) ….. CRUEL to children, etc.

Children who feel that they are in danger from adults can now call the fund Childline, using the number 0800 1111. This fund offers advice and (12) ….. FRIEND in such cases and operates on a regional basis.

3. Choose the right variant.

1. Satellites / lasers are used for communication purposes and scientific research.

2. Astronomers use a cosmos / telescope to study the stars and planets.

3. Halley’s Comet / Star approaches Earth approximately every 76 years.

4. The results of the fiction / survey are very interesting.

5. The moon is the Earth’s satellite / galaxy.

4. Report these sentences.

1. “I didn’t steal the money”, he said.

2. “Call us when you arrive”, h said to Ann.

3. “Will it take long to repair the engine?” he asked.

4. “When does the last train to Liverpool leave?” the woman asked.

5. “OK, I’ll help you then”, she said.


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